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Innova et Bella

Innova et Bella is the strategic consulting firm focused on innovation and competition.

Its name is composed of two latin terms. Innova (imperative from the verb innŏvāre: to innovate) and Bella (imperative from the verb bellāre: to battle).

Innovation and competition define Innova et Bella values, vision and mission, passions and capabilities, practices and services.

Established on June 21st 1985, I&B counts today among its clients corporations, banks, financial and insurance companies, government institutions, foundations, no profit associations, public and private organizations from all countries.

Passions, Capabilities, Practices and Services

Vision and future sculpturing.
Corporate governance and stakeholders relations.
Ethics and corporate social responsibility.

Corporate strategy and strategic planning.
Innovation strategy and best practices processes.
Competitive strategy and benchmarking processes.

Change management and organization design.
Leadership and team building.
Knowledge management and learning intranet platforms.

Market analysis and competitive intelligence.
Marketing, communication, sales and trade management.
Customer relations and loyalty.


Innova et Bella
Via Fatebenefratelli, 5
20121 Milano MI, Italy, EU

Tel. +39 02 62488.1
Fax +39 02 6597372

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